Missing Home

It has been my 7th year away from my parents, my home back in Asia. I have to say, things aren’t easy when you are away from home. No matter how independent I can be, the fact that I am away from my parents, it makes me incomplete. hong-kong

The other day, my Mother texted me saying “I used our family photo taken during the cruise as my wallpaper and whenever I looked at it, I feel happy. [Following is translated] The biggest satisfaction being a mother is to bring happiness and joyfulness to my brother and I.” I am not sure how many people can relate to this, but I am sure that all parents in the world want the best for their child – my Mother certainly does. She has always worked the hardest to make sure we don’t have to worry about anything. No matter how much she thinks she doesn’t live up the “traditional” mother stereotype, she is the best.

I have always trying to be the perfect son for my parents, hoping that they don’t have to worry about me (at least) when I am away from home. At the moment, I just hope that I can continue what I am building abroad and, hopefully, one day, we can share the achievement. And lastly, be re-united in one city/country!


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