Quarter Century Mark

When I was young, birthday has always, ALWAYS, been a HUGE thing. I would hope that everyone knows it and I hope that everyone will remember it. Usually, on my previous birthdays, I would literally take a day off just to relax and “celebrate”. 

Upon my birthday last week, I realised I didn’t even know time flies so fast that it’s already my birthday! So it was too late to take any leave and a little too late to celebrate it like a youngster. 

All I hoped was that my closest and dearest friends would just leave a message to me, and that way, I can slowly filter who’s important in my life. 

I used to think sayings like “you don’t have time for everyone” is wrong. But now that I’m fully occupying myself with work and study, I do understand that it could happen. 

This year, as usual, I am very graceful for my family and closest friends to be around me. There’s nothing better than having these people in your life. I would say I have never cherish them enough. My dream would be able to celebrate my birthday with my family around. It’s always a pity that a family cannot stay together within the same city. And I guess this does makes me cherish them more than ever. 

Anyways, happy birthday to myself. It’s been a pleasure to be with you for the past 25 years. Let’s work hard together!


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