Life planning

“What’s meant for you will never miss you.” From my supervisor’s grandfather.

During our supervision meeting, my supervisor asked me if there are any wellbeing issues that he should be aware of. Well, my answer was that, regarding the job itself, there’s not a single problem. However, in terms of life… I am a bit lost. As I am about to hit mid-20s, I am trying to plan out my life as much as possible. For example, how to change my job from a contract to a permanent role? When will I get married? Should I do it during or after my PhD journey? How about kids? When am I going to have them? I am worried as I have been working in the disability sector previously, one of the major worries is having kids at a later age. So many things going on!

I was very lucky that my supervisor told me his life story and told me this quote. I am fully aware of this quote. It’s widely applied in the Western and Eastern culture. But as I am focused on the appeared-to-be “bigger” issues in life, I often forgot how tiny I am in this universe and my belief that everything follows a certain order. About 8 years ago, I have been taught techniques to relax and to worry less. But even until now, I can’t do it. It’s like my nature – keep on planning until I walk through that plan myself.

Anyways…! Planning could come later on.. But at the moment, I am just going to focus on my upcoming long-due family trip!! IT’S GONNA BE GREAT. I know I am going to bring work along with me… but let’s hope that my mind can get off it from time to time !


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