Meaning in Medicine

“While we have all the means, we have lost the meaning in Medicine.” One of the many medical professionals in Hong Kong.

While pursuing a PhD in Public Health, you often question the work of your own and of other professionals in the field.

The person who said this has noted the phenomenon that while the technological advancement has benefited many people in their practice, in being more efficient and ensured higher success rate in saving one’s life. But you also have people who are treating patients just like any other ‘cases’ out there. The level of human connection between our medical professionals and patients have decreased.

I think it’s good to always remind yourself the meaning of your job and what was the reason why you took this job or wanted to be in this job. 

My personal aim is to help those in need in means that I am capable of, which is my current job and my research phd. What’s yours ? 


One thought on “Meaning in Medicine”

  1. The difference is whether you see this just a job for making a living or a mission where you feel you help to make the world a better place for others.


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